hang onto your ego

My thrifting soul mate has abandoned me for island time, and I don't blame her... really. I'm just running out of things to do to keep myself busy. I'm on the verge of taking up collage (my lovely aunt passed on some truly old chatelaine magazines and pattern books which could keep me busy for HOURS if I really got into the thick of them).

The point of it all is that she took some truly bodacious photos before she left and now I'm wishing she would become my personal photographer already. ANYWAY.... you should see what she's up to now that I'm not taking up all of her time :

The Rambler 
(for her traveling adventures)

Its Mortimer 
(her cat diaries)

Can I please have my friend back?

hang onto your ego - beach boys

xo miss sandy

PS does anyone actually use bloglovin'? I have recently realized how much it has streamlined my online reading. I highly encourage anyone following more than 5 blogs to convert. It is a time saver! And while you're at it... you can follow me there: The Pretty Secrets at bloglovin'

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