out in the streets

SOS Fest wrap up! It's been a couple of days (okay, 4!) since it finished and I have slowly gone through the photos I took in a haze. The not so glamorous aftermath walking home sans shoes in my tights. I usually opt for the flats so this was a treacherous evening tottering on high heels.

Rollie Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon


There was so much going on that it was nearly impossible to rush around and see everyone you wanted. Hence photos of only 2 bands! Timing was everything. I did make it to quite a few shows, but not with a good vantage point for photos. Hopefully they will continue this next year and it will get bigger and better. 

Sunday's free open air stages were pretty sweet. I have never seen so many people lose their minds for Shout Out. Nice to see hometown love. 

out in the streets - shangri las

xo miss sandy

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