Do Me In Once And I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I'll Know Better

I am in love with these mini mama's. Major inspiration. MAJOR. The groupies as the group. If you are not familiar with their story... I would recommend reading this treasure of a book - it changed my life: I'm With the Band by Miss Pamela Des Barres.


"A hippie was sort of the unwashed, unkempt kid. A freak was someone who put a lot of care and intention into their appearance, wanting to stand out instead of blend in. I was a combination flower child-freak, because the former was all about love and sharing and adoring each other and having flowers in your hair, literally, and lace and feathers and all that. I never considered myself a hippie. She'd be wearing one of those Indian madras-type skirts with her hair split down the middle, no makeup, sandals, braless - of course, we were all braless. I would have on an old vintage lace tablecloth with ribbons woven through it, feathers in my hair, loads of makeup, sequins stuck all over my face, and spike heels." - Miss Pamela on GTOs style.

circular circulation  - gto's

xo miss sandy

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