hot burrito #1

Super photo heavy. I have even more, I took HUNDREDS... but I won't make this a snooze cruise of all my vacation photos - save you the agony. The desert is such an amazing and crazy place. The heat was well into the hundreds. The rocks, foliage, and sand make for an interesting combination, I can see why Gram Parsons was so into Joshua Tree - it truly is a magical place.

A day wasn't enough and I vow to make yet another pilgrimage so that I may spend the night in the Joshua Tree Inn - pay my respects to GP. If you have no idea who Gram Parsons or the Flying Burrito Brothers are.... GET ON IT. Cosmic American Music should be cherished by all.

This is only the beginning of my insane and inspiring vacation. I'm still trying to make sense of it and I've been back for a couple of days already.

hot burrito #1 - The Flying Burrito Brothers

miss sandy

Happy belated birthday to the legendary Miss Pamela (Sept 9th)!

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