Sometimes I wonder if I'm just making this blog for my own enjoyment. Seriously. I realize how hedonistic and LOOK AT ME the whole concept of this is. I suppose I see it as a forum to document what I wore and what I liked at the moment. I do keep a journal but it does not include so many photos, nor can it be produced as quickly and efficiently as this. Also, I think back to some of the ridiculous things that I wore in high school that were never recorded. It seems like such a shame.

It would be most appreciated and helpful if the readers of this blog (I know you're out there, I can see you! - that wasn't totally creepy) to comment and contribute. How am I supposed to know what direction to go in? What works and what doesn't? I feel like I'm at a crossroads. Should I stop blabbing on about how I wish it were 1967 again? I am an internet stalker as much as the next person but this silence is beyond unbearable.

That tirade aside, RODNEY BINGENHEIMER! OH MY GOODNESS! What a genius. Has anyone seen the documentary 'Mayor of the Sunset Strip'? NO? Well look it up! Music aficionados should be bowing down and chanting "we're not worthy" to this man. Do you love David Bowie or Oasis? Better thank him for introducing them to North America.

I am such a big fan I had to get photos taken with him outside of Canters deli on Fairfax in front of his 1967 GTO. (1967!!! It will never end with me at this rate). He told me how to listen to the podcasts from Canada and with all this excitement I have forgotten where! Argh. Need to spend some quality time with google. He is just a doll-man, time stands still. Anything can happen on a night in Hollyweird.

Rodney - Girls Together Outrageously

miss sandy

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