casanova, baby!


(wearing: 90s gap dress, pink leather purse, and jean jacket - thrifted. black woven leather belt - club monaco. black suede boots - tj maxx. sunglasses - raybans)

Haven't really been in the mood to document my outfits.... and truth be told I've been wearing the same thing everyday for about 2 weeks up until THIS. Maybe it's the fact that Edmonton has slipped into the brown season so quickly, or just my frame of mind? Whatever.

Saw Troll II last night. If you have not seen this, I highly recommend. First off, there isn't even one troll in the whole thing. Nothing about this movie makes any sense, well, aside from the fact that the Goblins are super vegetarians and will only eat you once they've turned you into a plant. I totally get that. I digress...

It's the weekend. Woo.

casanova, baby! - the gaslight anthem 

miss sandy

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