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The one thing about living in such a happening city (besides all the incredible food I've been stuffing myself with) is the access to all the extraordinary magazines I would search for, in vein, back in Edmonton.  Now all I have to do is walk the two blocks to the well stocked store and visit all my friends, Lula, Purple, and Twin. May I just say the current issues are MIND BLOWING.

Lula interviewed T.S. Elliot (of The Outsiders & Rumblefish fame), Jenny and Johnny (a new found favourite thanks to a boy), Exene Cervenka (X!!!) Nick Cave, Kim Gordon, and Sophie Calle just to name a few! Not to mention Charlotte Gainsbourg is on the cover. Now if that isn't a recipe for incredibleness than I don't know WHAT IS!

The best part about it all is that each interview is completely different, the format, everything. Artists interviewing artists, Miranda July asking unconventional questions (and requests such as: 'Take a picture of yourself reading whatever book you are reading at the moment, with the book covering your face'). It truly is an inspiring read; rules of writing are arbitrary, content and major style reign supreme. Don't even get me started on their editorials.... oh dear, it's too dreamy.

Twin, the bi-annual fashion book, on it's third issue is another hit. It honestly is a book, complete with a table of contents and sections divided into chapters, which I appreciate as it makes referencing things again MUCH easier. A clean layout is always preferable. The thing I love about Twin is that it is always a step ahead, I never read repeated topics. It is always something I haven't yet discovered on my own which says a lot in this digital age... or maybe I have lost touch completely. Highlights for me were: 

- The Hotness: sexy photos by Ross Mcdonnell, sexy words by Karley Sciortino of Slutever.

- Guerilla Girls - Feminist Art Renegades. I am embarrassed to say I was not aware of this but have since gone ape shit (har har) over them after reading about their art equality campaigns.

- Shane Meadows (if you haven't seen This Is England get on it!) now there is a television show featuring the original characters from the movie. If I had cable, I would be all over this.

-Alison Mosshart (1/2 of the kills!) talks life lessons from the road... I am able to live out my personal fantasies about being in a touring band... augh

- June Newton on photography, art direction, and her late husband, Helmut Newton

- Plasticine sloth accessory shoot. I never tire of their inventive ways of displaying accessories. (Side note: did anyone else eat play-doh as a child? I've noticed they started making edible play-doh)

I have yet to make it through this issue of Purple Magazine but it should keep me occupied for the next while. At least now I can take a break from the endless hours of Twin Peaks I've been banking these past few days. For supposedly being a hardy Canadian, I'm a pretty big wuss to the damp cold of London. Hope my red sheets weren't too blinding.

all shook down - the replacements

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