christmas don't be late

Pandemic times in Londontown. The epic snowfall (epic in British terms) have put the city to a halt practically. Severe delays, all airports shutdown over the weekend, it's insanity. I'm sure the next big crisis will be the salt shortage because grating and shovelling snow is out of the question. 

This is the first time I will not be returning home for Christmas, but by the looks of it I wouldn't have anyway due to the "severe weather conditions" and all the grounded planes at the busiest airports in the world. Instead, Josh and I eat delicious meals and then attend candlelit Christmas Carol services at the local church where I was touched by some sort of spirit in the foyer. I felt a nudge in an empty room. Anyone else have ghostly experiences? 

christmas don't be late - alvin & the chipmunks

Miss Sandy

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