monday monday

still have to go to the isle of dogs.... i imagine it to be a magical place

standard lunging at josh photo


right before josh took off running away from me. 
wearing: scarf & striped tote - hudson's bay company. polka dot blouse and black jeans - club monaco. jean jacket - old punk clothes. rubber boots - hunter. houndstooth umbrella - target. And Josh, wearing his usual Burberry scarf, cheap monday jeans, army jacket, beatle boots.
Making the most of all the markets in our neighbourhood on the weekend. Columbia Road for flowers, Broadway Market for fish and snacks, and Bricklane for Japanese pancakes and other tasty treats. It is amazing to be able to walk such short distances and be able to pick up the freshest produce and flowers straight from the farmers. 

I have also come to the conclusion that The Hudson's Bay Company should sponsor me already seeing as how I'm usually a walking billboard for them. An international ambassador if you will. 

monday monday - the mamas & the papas

Miss Sandy

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