Under Control

Serious hiatus and I didn't even notice it! I've been so busy 'hustlin' in real life that I forgot about my imaginary online one. Plus birthdays always seem to put me in a "mood" - not necessarily a BAD mood, but a reflective one. 

Here are the week and some overdue photos of my birthday. A "fashionista" (barf) high tea with Jash at the ultra luxe Berkley Hotel where the maître d’ was cracking jokes to lunching ladies about there being enough couture biscuits to go around so there will be no need to fight over them like they do at the spring sales. How presumptuous. 

That was followed by an afternoon of presecco in the park watching rollerbladers cruise around plastic cones. Their leader has been nicknamed "Tony Alva" because he is truly the spitting image of the famed skateboarder. I wish I would have captured his image although Jash tells me they are a regular midday fixture at the park. I love that there is something I can count on in London, even if it's only the knowledge that those rollerbladers are there everyday.

Under Control - The Strokes

Miss Sandy

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