burning down the house


Hello friends! I know I said I was going to be making myself scarce these next few days but I managed to sneak in some fun. If I had time for that then I surely must have time for a post. Feeling a little bit fragile today possibly due to smoke inhalation or perhaps gluttonous consumption of free beer but most likely a combination of both.

Last night I went to the A.P.C. opening in East London and it was nothing short of wild. We walked up to a mob scene - people were spilling out of the mini-boutique right into the street. There is nothing I love more than a street party especially when the DJs are spinning hits of the 90s and there is complimentary drinky-poo's on hand err.... in hand? hah. It was all well and good until someone decided to set a car on fire around the corner. The party was literally smoked out - the smell of burning rubber is definitely a buzz kill. I took a few shaky photos on Josh's point & shoot (still don't know how to use it properly) but beat a hasty retreat when ashes and water started blowing on me - safety first!

burning down the house - the talking heads

miss sandy


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