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Seeing as how we ended up staying in town for The Royal Wedding it seems as though it would be sacrilegious to not write a post on how we celebrated. Originally we had planned to skip town to see our pals Spectres play in Berlin but that didn't pan out so instead we headed down to Spitalfields market to watch it all go down on television. 

After spending many years going to concerts and getting jostled, both Jash and I have come to enjoy personal space. With that in mind, we did not venture to Central London to hang out with the estimated 1 million people in the streets.... not to mentions the hundreds of thousands in Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square. I know, I know... ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY... but the idea of waiting hours to try and get back to East London just didn't appeal to us at all.

The dress was lovely and I'm happy she decided to go with McQueen but seeing the footage of the attendees everyone looked SO BUMMED OUT. For such a joyous occasion everyone looked like they would rather be in bed. 

After the kiss, which happened nearly an HOUR AND A HALF after the parade, we walked home to rest up for the Best Coast show at KOKO in Camden. I will never get used to shows starting at 7pm but it is the norm in London... we of course arrived late and didn't have such a hot view. They were a great live band but it remains to be seen whether or not their second album will sound exactly like the first.

crazy for you - best coast
(really cute video)

Miss Sandy

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