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I am fortunate enough to be flatmates with one of my best friends Jash, whom you are all well acquainted with at this point. There was also Miss Robin who appeared here on occasion when I was still living in Edmonton. The one who has flown under the radar has been Miss Cecily

Miss Cecily and I have been friends since grade 10 when we bonded over our complete lack of knowledge in Math 10 Pure. We also had Dance 15 together. Class schedules aside, we haven't lived in the same city since 2006. Irony has always been massively apparent in my life, but more so when she moved to Toronto almost immediately after I had graduated and left town! There is, however, a happy enough ending to this story - she just popped by for a visit and will be coming back to London TWICE in the next little while and I cannot wait. 

I hope you enjoy this archive of photographs, one of which is recent. We have gone through many hairstyles and sartorial choices in the time we have known each other. Unfortunately since digital cameras were still quite new (and expensive) I do not have a plethora of shots from our sweet high school days; although I think both Ces and I are much happier leaving our formative style years a secret. For now at least. I could probably do a whole post on when I used to be punk.... the make-up alone!

the chain - fleetwood mac

Miss Sandy

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