that postcard


I  am one for the occasional tacky tourist souvenir - (last summer I bought an Enchanted Forest colouring book) but this trip I collected my favourite kind of keepsakes - bizarro memories, rubbings, and quirky postcards. Jash walked away with some cookbooks and kitchen utensils (no surprises there). 

I'm a big fan of the rubbing, it's a less corporate keepsake that costs next to nothing once you've acquired the supplies - pencil crayons and a sketchbook. I started getting into them the last time I lived in England. There is a set of coins that when put together make the royal coat of arms and as I found each piece to the puzzle, I would make a rub copy of it in my journal. This quickly turned into a favourite past time when I realized how many surfaces made interesting rubbings. On one of my vacations to Los Angeles I went a little buck wild - here is a taste

What are your favourite things to collect on holiday?

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