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Day two with Miss Cecily was nothing but a wild time. We caught the train back into the city and made our way to Nude Espresso for the best eggs florentine in town... or in CC's case - pancakes! Then a quick stop at the venue Cargo for some quintessential photobooth shots. It is the only analogue booth in all of London so take note if you're going to be in the area. Off to central London for a quick browse in Liberty of London an obvious stop on any trip here. The haberdashery floor alone is enough to give anyone, let alone a PATTERN enthusiast a major heart attack. 

After which, we ran in the rain (no umbrella, foolish) to visit Jash at work aka pick up keys and have an excuse to go to Hyde Park to scope out the bladers. You have not lived until you see the rollerbladers at the park who are there without fail EVERYDAY. I have it on good authority (Jash, who spends his break everyday in the park) that they are always there. There are two sets of cones, the main set in front of the park benches are for the pros. Their leader we have affectionately nick named 'Tony Alva' after the famous Dogtown Z Boy pro skater. They both share a similar out of control hair do. He's the shirtless guy picture above.

After all of this excitement we decided to go to the Tate Modern. It was closed... so we went down to the glorious Thames 'beach' and looked at washed up garbage. This day was one for the books!

girlfriend island - frankie rose and the outs

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