wearing: doily tablecloth - handmade. black bandeau top - american apparel. black shorts - american apparel. sunglasses - ray bans.

Our internet has been on the fritz as of late thus the lack of posts... I certainly have a back log of photographs to get to so let's start with these. 

About two weeks ago London was unbearably hot with temperatures in the mid 30's. This may be the ideal degree for some but I'm sort of a baby when it comes to extreme weather (or extreme in my mind). Our flat was filled with still heat so we took to the streets in the evening after a ridiculous day of soaking our feet in a mixing bowl of ice water to cool down. Like many other small luxuries I have given up to be here, air conditioning is one. 

Over to Hoxton Park for a bit of Ginger Beer - thank goodness for the City Beverage Company LTD on Old Street. They stock all kinds of liquid delights! I wore a dress I made from a tablecloth and essentially a bathing suit underneath - the less clothing the better.

Martha & The Vandellas version is awesome too.... but I am in London after all. Did I ever mention the insane crush I had on Roger Daltrey a couple years ago? Pre 70s RD that is. It was major. 

Miss Sandy

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