code red at the supermall

am I getting annoyed, or what?
miss katie was wearing: shirt - victoria secret. skirt - club monaco. tights - joe fresh style. sandals - spring. scent locket - black phoenix alchemy lab. sunglasses - christian dior. purse - louis vuitton.

miss sandy was wearing: red velvet blazer - thrifted. white men's dress shirt - thrifted. black jane belt - club monaco. jeans - club monaco. shoes - salvatore ferragamo. sunglasses - ray ban wayfarers. leather purse - winners. cocktail ring - banana republic.

It took me forever to find the video to accompany this post so you better watch it and pretend you're a punk in Edmonton in 2003.... or something to that effect. 

My sister and I made a trip to West Edmonton Mall for a plethora of reasons I can't quite remember. Along the way we decided to do some outfit shots in Galaxyland - formerly known as Fantasyland... before Disney decided to sue the mall. 

In 1995 we were introduced to Cosmo and life as I knew it began to change. Suddenly the mall began to develop a design scheme that looked dated post 90s - an explosion of bad colours and cartoonish space decor. I hate it. One of the few remaining originals is the wild west toy shooting range but I'm certain its days are numbered as well - who mourned the loss of the giant whale outside of Le Chateau? I thought the mini railway cave was supposed to be spooky - how does a train go into a cave and suddenly it's in space? This is what I'm talking about

WEM isn't all bad though, the dudes that surfed the waterpark were pretty hilarious - check that out here. Did anyone ever go to Rock 'n' Ride

Rants and raves aside, it was nice spending time with my sister, who may be making more appearances on here if we continue to do silly things together (most likely). By the end of our adventure I could no longer walk due to pinched toes and the lovely Miss Katie was gracious enough to push me around in a buggie regardless of all the laughs and stink eyes we were subjected to. 

the homewrekers - code red at the supermall

miss sandy

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