coming down


miss katie: fringe top - urban planet. leggings - american apparel. necklace - thomas sabo. shades - dior. shoes - gravity pope. 
miss sandy: jacket - st john for holt renfrew. crocheted vest (worn backwards) -vintage. tights - h&m. belt - vintage. black slip - nanette lepore. boots - michael kors. necklaces - prryha & vintage.

Now that we got the Debbie Downer post out of the way we can move on to more interesting things such as what I wore last weekend, what I did post WCFW and how I can't stop listening to Dum Dum Girls new album Only In Dreams which was officially released yesterday. All I do these days is cruise around in the Chevy listening to this album which I believe to be the most perfect thing put out this year.


Both Friday and Saturday found me out listening to live music after fashion fun - Friday was the grand re-opening of the Baby Seal Club. We mostly went to see our friend's band Jaguar Mode - a New Order Joy Division-y sound. (They are quite new and have yet to have an internet presence) We had a minor run in with the police - I keep forgetting I'm not in England where drinking on the street is PERFECTLY acceptable. Fortunately, there were no tickets involved. The club itself has a dive-y art space look to it, very cozy and intimate. It was a great time until I realized people were smoking inside the building at which point I promptly left, but not before blissing out to JM's synthy jams.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback I've been receiving the past few days re: Western Canada Fashion Week post and to my new followers! Exciting times. 

 coming down - dum dum girls

Miss Sandy 


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