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I feel like a shyster using photos that are so clearly from a month ago but I fully intended on posting all of these to begin with. It's hard to look at these images of fall while looking out my window into a white abyss. I was fortunate enough to experience only one day of it on my way to England last year. It's hard to believe that a year ago I was starting my life over as a sad immigrant in a different country living with The Funk. 

I am beyond grateful to be back home with a proper standard of living but there is a laundry list of all the English bits and bobs I miss - flower markets, day trips, mulled wine on the street, drinking in the streets in general, decent public transportation, country inns, seeing amazing bands weekly, my best friend Jash... I could go on but I'll spare you the agony of my nostalgia. This much I will say:  Christmas 2011 is going to be on steroids; Sandy's Christmas Village will be bustling once more. Our Sad Immigrant Festivus was befitting of the times but was not my usual style of celebration. 

Enough about the distant past! This outfit you may remember from a recent music video by The Old Wives in which I get mugged for my lovely car. The tattered frock was also a semi repeat from a Weekend Kids video that came out a year ago. I am a recycler, what can I say? Or perhaps it is just my music video outfit.

Tired of all the links? Well here's one more! I have recently become incredibly fond of the television show Bored To Death. In my wildest dreams I am Jonathan Ames and I should be making a craigslist posting shortly about being a local Nancy Drew.  If none of this is making any sense, I suggest you start watching this HBO original series and listening to all the wonderful tunes featured on it... like this one:

i want to be your girlfriend - bachelorette

Miss Sandy


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