taken by the sky

wearing: floral maxi dress - vintage. fur coat - vintage. boots - michael kors. suede belt - vintage.

I love countryside graveyards since they are mostly petite and it makes it so much eerier - especially when you're in the middle of nowhere. My favourite is when they feature an unkept grotto; the fake plants are a lovely touch.

Clearly these photos were taken a few weeks prior as Edmonton is covered in a blanket of fluffy white snow. The brown season certainly didn't last too long this autumn. Now that the weather has forced me indoors, I am certain this website Drinkify will be keeping me in good company - not to mention a marathon of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. 

rhiannon - fleetwood mac
(Watch this video for serious Stevie witchay inspiration. She is awe-inspiring.)

Miss Sandy


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