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Photos by Kefkism

Well here they are! I am now going to write about the most important thing..... OUR OUTFITS. I mean seriously! Lady Katie is sporting a stunning Vera Wang dress in the shade of her heart - blacker than a moonless night and although you cannot see, beneath the layers of tulle were studded platform Christian Louboutin's. Epic. Unlike LK, I had a couple of wardrobe meltdowns before I settled on this particular combination.

As many of you know, the planning involved in wedding can cause a certain amount of stress. For me... it was my outfit. Despite one of my guy friends insisting the bustier my sister and I had picked out was, in fact, transparent I didn't bother to really inspect it until two days before. Classic. After the harsh realization that family members et al would be peering at my nipples I had to take drastic measures to turn the situation around. My room scattered in rejected garments I finally committed to this ensemble: the skirt we had originally purchased for the occasion as a dress with quilt binding tied around my waist in a bow. Feeling that the costume was missing that certain something, I frantically sewed a last minute doily bolero to tie it all together. My nips were nowhere to be seen! That wonderful lengthy rosary and skirt/dress were wicked finds from The Tattered Rose - a store I could spend hours in poking around touching all the luxurious frothy frocks that line the walls. It is like stepping into Pamela Des Barres Boudoir which is, in my opinion, hallowed ground.

lotion - greens keepers
This song is so catchy and yet creepy of course that was the song my sister and I are getting waaaaay down to in the photographs above. What can I say? We're witchaayyyyyy!

Miss Sandy


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