It's too late to turn back, here we go Portland

It just dawned on me that the majority of my travel photographs were taken with instagram. I'm new to the whole iPhone snapshot phenomena but it does come in handy when you desire a moody quick snap rather than a crisp SLR shot. 

The majestic pacific northwest
the jupiter hotel
the moody jewel room - writing courtesy of yours truly
living the high life with the champagne of beers
le pigeon around the corner from the hotel and deeeelicious
drinks at beaker & flask - I half expected to be courted by the mixologist from Portlandia

Joshy boy and I had a lovely cruise down to Portland, OR in our champagne super nova Rio. It was fairly uneventful until we needed to get gas and our GPS kept leading us to any other gas station other than the kind we had specified. It took us down the very questionable Old Highway 99 past the Melody Pines Mobile Estates. The only thing creepier than backwater roads in Twin Peaks country is if nighttime is falling. J's favourite move when passing an extra seedy area is to press the door locks over and over again - I think it's for effect.

We arrived at our destination, the Jupiter Hotel, in one piece. We did pay a visit to the town of Tumwater, WA for a gas up and a beer run. The first stop on any US road trip usually finds us sussing out some Miller High Life - The Champagne of Beers. Truly a pleasure.

Moments after our arrival, Jash was blasting Shaggy, making fun of the obnoxious amount of Poison on my iTunes and keying tall cans of High Life to shot gun. I ended up showering myself in beer. Shortly after we made our wobbly way down the block to Le Pigeon for a delectable dinner. It is a cozy, eclectic restaurant where the menu changes weekly. On first sight of it my mind immediately thought 'PUT A BIRD ON IT.' But hey, that's just me!

portland - the replacements
and your second hand clothes, trust no one I suppose


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