sleepless in seattle


The drive up to Seattle was treacherous at best in rush hour traffic and pissing rain - Joshy Boy managed to make it come together as I DJ'd. Luckily, before sundown we passed by the Gospel sign and the Uncle Sam billboard in Chehalis, WA (Which was, regrettably, covered up. Perhaps he was finally given a warning after such stunning sayings as this, this, and especially this. To read more about this weird roadside attraction (?) check out this and this.) 


A weary arrival in the Emerald City found us at Bimbo's Cantina for the ultimate burrito. Since the last time  I was there, they have toned down the Mexicano decor. Bummer. There is nothing I love more than a fiesta hanging from the ceiling and a thousand business cards under the glass of the tables. I also realized that my last trip was immortalized in an issue of Parlour magazine. Feel free to read my travel journal here. Scroll down to the article entitled 'No Pity in Emerald City' and you will see a photograph of me joyously sitting on a case of High Life. Am I really that predictable?

If I thought we had a wild night in Portland, I did not realize what awaited me at The Moore Hotel in Seattle. The last time we stayed there I think I was too inebriated to pay attention to the weird vibes.


 The howling wind and consistent pelting of rain did nothing to improve the situation either. Joshy Boy dozed off without much worry as I stayed up trying to drown out the creepy noises with the funky fresh sounds of The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirThe witching hour is supposedly midnight which was right about the time I heard every one on our floor struggling with their keys in the door. Really? Everyone came back to the hotel all at once? I had had about enough of Carlton's smug mug so I turned off the light but couldn't shake the feeling of being watched from the washroom. Jostling Jash awake in a panic, he went and turned on a light and mentioned nothing of the fact that he had heard the hotel was HAUNTED until the next day.

In daylight things looked a lot better.


Jash also decided to mention in the morning that you could see into the attic of the hotel from the vent in our washroom. Awesome. 

I always imagined Jash as a haughty cob of corn. Thank goodness I finally have visual proof of his natural state.
Short washroom stall doors.
Delicious Russian bakery

Besides being terrifying to the overly sensitive (me), The Moore Hotel was conveniently located near the famous Seattle Market. There we went to the scrumptious Russian bakery Piroshky. Highly recommend.

Next stop - Vancouver, BC.

There were so many songs about Seattle to choose from but I had to pick the most ridiculous one:
Seattle Ain't Bullshittin' - Sir Mix-A-Lot

x Miss Sandy


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