needle in the camel's eye

wearing: silk top - vintage. satin shorts - vintage. boots - vintage. belt - vintage. sunglasses - ray ban

Greetings from sunny Arizona! I traded sleet snow and fun for sand and sun. Down to Phoenix to visit my lovely parents and get a taste of mid-twenties retirement for two weeks.

I have always had a soft spot for the desert since traveling there periodically throughout my youth. It might be the colour palate or the bizarro plants that manage to survive such extreme weather conditions, but I do know that I have romanticised the old west to the point of no return. I'm okay with that. Plus the local jewelry is unbeatable.

  As I write this, I am under a few feet of snow in Edmonton. These photographs are killing me. When does spring hit this bloody town anyway? As an Albertan native, I think I complain about the weather more than normal.

needle in the camel's eye - brian eno

Miss Sandy


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