here comes alice

wearing: pilfered the jesus and mary chain t shirt. jean shorts - thrifted. polka dot tights - wolford. wine velvet blazer - highland queen. boots - vintage. sunglasses - the row. amber necklace - vintage. 

Back to my old ways of stealing clothes from guys and wearing them for days on end. Contrary to popular belief, I'm quite a lazy dresser at times. Being that it's between winter and summer at this point (we all know my feelings on the Edmonton version of "spring") I'm completely uninspired. It has also recently come to my attention that most articles of clothing I have purchased in the last six months have lacked any colour whatsoever. It's a good indication that it's time to mix it up. There is nothing worse than trying to find one particular item of clothing in a sea of garments that are all the same colour. Perhaps I just need to get organized.

here comes alice - the jesus and mary chain

x miss sandy


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