sailor sandy


wearing: sailor hat - army surplus // sailor shirt - goodwill alberta // sunglasses - linda farrow x the row from gravity pope // corduroy  short shorts - american apparel // sandals - goodwill alberta

In 4th grade I was beyond obsessed with Sailor Moon. Like most girls my age, it was the only thing I lived for... aside from the plethora of manufactured pop groups. Collecting stacks of iridescent and holographic trading cards donning the faces of these fictional super heroes was top priority. When Halloween rolled around that year,  I had my aunt painstakingly sew myself a to the T Sailor Moon costume complete with the crescent wand. (Perhaps there should be a Halloween retrospective this year on the blog).


I may have grown out of that phase of my life, as well as the costume, but I still have a love of the nautical look. The sailor hat I purchased ages ago when I was on a family vacation in high school. Army surplus stores are always full of strange magic and on this particular visit I walked away with the hat. The sailor blouse was a thrifted find from a Goodwill in Edmonton. The AA shorts I've had for years and they seem to get comfier with each wear - it must be the corduroy!


x Miss Sandy

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