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wearing: dress - vintage // shoes - aerosoles // belt - vintage // tights - wolford // purse - vintage // mink stole - vintage // flower earrings - vintage 

For those of you who read FASHION Magazine's Style Panel - you may be having deja vu. This week's challenge was about the oh so controversial subject of fur and how to wear it. While the panel had a mix of opinions, I'm sure you can guess where I stood on the matter. 

It's hard to feel bad when nearly all my fur pieces (aside from the hand-me-downs I have received) have been rescued from second hand shops. The thing that bothers me the most is the sass I receive when out and about in this city, with most of it coming from people who own a plethora of leather pieces. Yes, those booties you're wearing and that coveted "it" bag came from an animal too. All I can say is, don't point fingers unless you're 100% vegan and even then, why push your chosen lifestyle on someone else anyway? With that said, I'm not crusading the fur movement - I stand for doing what makes you feel good.

By the way, Edmonton is an icebox. You may not be able to tell, but I am absolutely miserably cold in these photographs. Warm clothes are essential when you're a pedestrian in a city designed solely for cars. I've tried synthetic and it's for the birds. Wool coats are a pretty close second but alas... that fibre is from an animal too.

x Miss Sandy

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