Eco Fashion Week Edition 6 x The Pretty Secrets






shoes c/o LOTHIAN

photos by Peter Jensen

Last Monday I made my debut on the runway. As a long time thrifter my skills were finally challenged when Vancouver Eco Fashion Week invited me to take part in their Value Village Thrift Chic showcase. 

Three girls (Posing in Vintage, FATE Vintage, and The Pretty Secrets) were given $500 to come up with 15 looks from Value Village and not a lot of prep time. I was amazed with the other girls tenacity and creativity - even watching the video replay (watch in full on my facebook page) the show seems so long yet I remember backstage to be organized chaos and the show only lasting seconds.

My favourite look was the finale. It was painstakingly sewn together by hand with a plethora of doilies. The floral headpiece was also handcrafted by yours truly. I have discovered that I find great joy in creating garments from doilies and lace tablecloths, so much so that I believe I may even start selling them - watch for doily dreams on my Etsy store!

Has anyone ever been to Eco Fashion Week or plan on going next season?

x Sandy

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