Flower Child Gypsy Queen

wearing: silk kimono - tattered rose // silk top - vintage // shorts - vintage // beaded necklace - my mum // glass bauble crown - the pretty secrets vintage // platform shoes - c/o ZARA Canada (now on sale in store)

The festival outfit challenge from FASHION Magazine's Style Panel was undeniably my favourite assignment thus far. If there is one thing I extend great adoration to, (next to my clothing) it would most certainly be my records and music in general. Of course food would be somewhere on that list too and travel. I think I just covered 4 out of my top 5 favourite things in general, we're off to a great start here.

Predictably, I went straight for denim shorts and a silk kimono because what says 'I think music is real groovy' more than that? Anytime I can get away with wearing items intended for the boudoir out in the open, I do. It still feels a tad subversive to me which appeals to my rebel heart and my obsession with all things Stevie Nicks & Miss Pamela Des Barres. I digress. The glass beaded crown and platforms from ZARA were the finishing touches to this ensemble.

What is your favourite festival to attend? I'm still trying to compile a must-do list of them and SXSW is #1.

x Miss Sandy

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