piece of my heart

wearing: topography bandana - present london // sunglasses - the row // t shirt - vintage // studded shorts - the pretty secrets shop // plaid flannel shirt - vintage // record bag - rough trade london // fox tail - the pretty secrets shop // boots - dr martens // bracelets - vintage // ring - the artworks

Holy moly. Where do I even begin? This week has been very music oriented. Firstly, the lovely Vickie from Adventures in Fashion took these photographs for the Edmonton Journal Style section in her article on festival style- a hot topic these days. I decided to go all out - crop top, studded cut offs, fox tail, record bag, plaid etc etc and lay it on real thick. 

Secondly, on Tuesday evening I popped by the Garneau Theatre to see Metro Cinema's screening of Woodstock. MIND BLOWN. I will never tire of seeing film footage from the '60s and it never ceases to make me cry. Usually I'm just overcome with an overwhelming feeling of wishing I was somewhere else in a different time. Not to say I don't enjoy my current life (as opposed to my past ones?) I just seem to suffer from bouts of nostalgia for a time I never knew. This feeling always reminds me of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris and how feeling nostalgic for a decade you never lived in is seemingly universal.

Lastly, last night was epic beyond description. Around 9 pm I received a text alerting me to a secret Charles Bradley show at the local watering hole, Empress Ale House (see, the modern day isn't so bad!) What I witnessed was an intimate face melting performance that reminded Edmonton can be a pretty cool place on occasion. The dance moves alone were enough to make me rethink my current repertoire. Anyway, read all about how this event came to be in Tom Murray's "Rock 'n' Roll Diaries."

That's everything! So set aside a good three hours to watch Woodstock then groove to the soul exciting sounds of Charles Bradley and then we can all discuss it at great length.

piece of my heart - janis joplin

x Miss Sandy

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