Surfin' Safari


Sandy - bikini - 1960s vintage // sunglasses - ray ban's 
Emily - swimsuit - The Seea // sunglasses - H&M

August was mostly about traveling. I was home for a handful of days from Toronto before I caught the VIA Rail to Vancouver. 27 hours and three homemade sandwiches later, I arrived in the next major western city. My stay was just long enough to catch up with old friends and have a couple of delicious meals. One party we stopped by, the apartment looked straight out of a David Lynch dream - major Twin Peaks vibes. The buzzer was broken. We entered by way of keys lowered on a fishing line and drank into the wee hours; first on a rooftop with a panoramic view of the city and then in a near by park where we played 'Royal Footwear.' I'm at a loss googling this game, I wonder if I dreamed that. 

 Vancouver was a whirlwind of faces and canceled shows I was supposed to go to. After a quick two day stay, I navigated the public transit to the ferry terminal like a pro and was on to the next leg of my adventure  - surfin' safari time in Tofino.

Learning to surf has been on my to-do list for YEARS. Fortunately, I have wildly talented friends who are always down for an adventure - Miss Emily was already living out her summer dream when I joined her in Tofino. She is a patient and thorough instructor that I was lucky to train with and took this foxy outdoorsy trip to the next level. Plus the board I rented from Long Beach Surf Shop was 007, I took this to be a very good sign. I was now a Mermaid Bond Babe.

One of the only things I have ever heard anyone say about surfing is that it's "really hard" which doesn't even begin to accurately describe this sport. Yes it is difficult and requires a lot of strength but it's SO MUCH FUN. Much like life in general, surfing is all about timing and once you figure out the waves it's straight forward. Paddle, paddle, paddle, get on knees, get into warrior 2 like position. With that said, I fell and laughed a lot. 

Above were our cute surf photos.... in reality this was more of the vibe. Looking babely in a full wetsuit and my very first french braid:


Dreamy right? I'll probably be sponsored by next season... hah!

As Gidget (my surfer girl inspiration) would say....

x Sandy

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