A Letter to Petra Collins

I don't normally do this as this space is usually reserved for frivolous frippery but on occasion I do have strong feelings about certain things. This is one of them. 

If you haven't heard of Petra Collins or her all female art collective The Ardorous and their collaboration with American Apparel I suggest you read this interview that was just published on Vice.com about the outrage of the period t shirt (as seen above). Apparently a menstruating, masturbating line drawing of the vagina is the most offensive and graphic thing happening right now spurring such news headlines as "Does This T Shirt Graphic Go Too Far?"

I am not posting this to alienate my audience but rather to invite you guys for an honest, open discussion on an issue that is worthy of questioning.  Why is it that this constitutes an outrage but outright violence and female objectifying passes as acceptable?

Dear Petra,

As I sit on the edge of my bathtub plucking my "bikini line", a habitual near daily practice I've committed to since high school, your t shirt came to mind. Of all this time I've wasted that I devoted to appeasing the male gaze, what did I gain from it? I certainly don't enjoy the pain of removal or doubly the pain of ingrown hairs that are a common result of this ritual. 
How much time have I spent grooming this "shame" area and for whose pleasure? Years? How many hours does that amount to? Can I quantify that time and make a graph?  Forget it. I'd rather buy this t shirt and start spending my minutes more wisely, more constructively. Maybe I'll relearn guitar and be at peace with my vagina. For that, I would like to thank you Petra. The moment of clarity that I had while reflecting on this t shirt has been invaluable to me. 



The Ardorous t shirts are available at American Apparel.

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