Gypsy Queen


The countdown to Halloween has begun. A couple more days till you can dress like your wildest dreams and consume endless amounts of miniature chocolate bars - two things I adore to no avail. Over the years I've had a number of spectacular costumes - Nancy Drew, a love letter, Pamela Des Barres, Sailor Moon, Lucy from Peanuts, and several times a pumpkin. Today I reincarnate as a gypsy queen and I've come to tell you about the The Witchery

As children my sister and I, like most girls our age, were obsessed with witches. Our touchstones at first were various movies we watched on the regular. Bedknobs & Broomsticks, The Craft, and The Witches were on heavy rotation. It helped that our childhood home was even haunted lending us even more fodder for scaring the other neighbourhood kids. 

In the end I turned into a dabbler and my sister made it a lifestyle right down to her Halloween Manor of a house. Last year she started an online store and I have been waiting for the perfect witchay moment to include it on my blog! The Witchery is a occult store specializing in conjure oils, spell kits, incense, curios, and bath products. 

Since we're all friends here and I'm assuming we must have some things in common if you're reading this, I'm excited to announce The Witchery is offering all my readers a discount! When checking out enter in the special code "ThePrettySecrets20" and receive 20% off your purchase.

My fave rave items from the shop are:

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