boots - LOTHIAN 
jacket - my mom's from the 60s
silk floral blouse - vintage
shorts - vintage pj bottoms

Costco Wholesale has to be one of my favourite places on earth. Aside from a brief stint working there back in my university days, it has remained untarnished for me. Where else can you get a glutinous sized poutine for $4.50, discounted fashion magazines, AND life-size stuffed plush bears? Answer: NOWHERE. On average, I'm there at least ONCE a week with my mom. My lovely patient mother who doubled as photographer on this occasion. How many parents out there could be convinced to take vanity photographs in the middle of the semi busy canned goods aisle? I am truly blessed. How good do those Lothian ankle boots look in front of the corned beef? Epic. They're fast becoming my shoe of choice. 

On a side note - this black wool coat holds a special place in my heart. Not only did it manage to stay intact for FIVE decades (it's my mom's from the 1960s) it also survived changing hands three times (from my mom to my aunt to me) and went on two extended stays to Europe. The lining is starting to rip and there seems to be perpetual hairballs living under the arms (I shed like crazy) but it still holds its own. It is the perfect roomy shape and is ideal dress length. I will weep for eons when it finally bites the dust. 

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