Dots & Stripes



blouse - The Pretty Secrets vintage (get it HERE)
silk skirt - The Pretty Secrets vintage (get it HERE)
earrings - The Pretty Secrets vintage
bracelet - Kate Spade
heels - Kate Spade

This post is a fraud. Gone are all the leaves, gone is the grass, and gone is the feeling in my fingertips every time I leave my house. Such is life in Edmonton.

Saturday night brought many surprises. Firstly, a nice dumping of snow and secondly, a very chipped tooth. I was enjoying some candied popcorn at my sister's infamous Halloween party when I was certain there was some kernels stuck in my teeth. To my horror, the sharp feeling was actually the cause of a missing corner of my molar! I'm half considering getting a silver tooth just so I can secretly channel Dr. Teeth from The Muppets. Thoughts?

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! I watched Mad Monster Party, like I had mentioned in my Top Halloween Specials post, and it was everything I wanted it to be.

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