Sweater Weather


Photographs - Michael Borchert


coat - vintage
sweater - The Pretty Secrets Vintage (available HERE)  
leggings - Target 
boots - Hunter (get them HERE)
scarf - Burberry (similar HERE)
earrings - vintage
sunglasses - Ray Ban (get them HERE)
iPhone case - c/o Iconemesis (get it HERE)

It's Sunday night and I'm trying in vain to think of something clever to write about photos that are from a couple of days ago. All I want to do right now is watch the finale of Boardwalk Empire in the bathtub but there will be no rewards until work is finished. 

Lately I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off in preparation for the impending holiday season revelry which is sure to divert my attention from work. My uniform has fast become leggings, oversized sports team t shirts, bulky sweaters, and Hunter boots. Yes, it is slightly lazy and that's why I try to step it up a bit with the addition of blinged out costume jewelry. It may just be a step away from pyjama party though. 

Alright. This is me signing out to go indulge myself for one last time..... that is, until next season of B.E.

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