Holiday Party Style - Silk & Sequins


photographs - Vickie Laliotis


silk trousers - The Pretty Secrets vintage (get them HERE)
sequin blouse - The Pretty Secrets vintage (get it HERE)
clutch - Vintage YSL (borrowed from Adventures in Fashion)
shoes - Zara (borrowed from Adventures in Fashion)
earrings - vintage

It's December 3rd and already my dance card is full of parties to attend. My calendar is frightening. A part of me wants to get under my Hudson's Bay blanket and hibernate till the spring thaw. Since that's not a sensible option, I have already begun picking out possible outfit options to ease me into party mode. By working in advance I save myself oodles of stress and the inevitable empty closet/floor clothing minefield.

My first option is nifty separates; this look can go from a family dinner to a basement party seamlessly. As the holidays approach, I am drawn to sequin and glitter. When am I not attracted to shiny things though? It's a sickness I am content living with. The pants are 100% silk and ridiculously comfortable - like I'm wearing pajama's in public and getting away with it - something I apparently love doing. The top is completely covered in chunky circular sequin and doesn't scratch which I find can be a problem with sparkly garments. With such loud pieces, I kept the accessories subtle and neutral toned as to not have myself resemble a Christmas tree.

What approach are you taking for holiday party style?

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