Last Minute Gift Guide

If you're anything like me, you have the best intentions for Christmas but always seem to be wrapping gifts till zero hour. We all have our faults, I like to think I just work well under pressure. With this in mind, I present to you a wacky gift guide compiled by myself.



Wine - Reserve Chardonnay 2011 c/o Joie 
Campfire Incense - Douglas Fir c/o Juniper Ridge
Book - The Wes Anderson Collection 
Camera - St Moritz La Sardina c/o Lomography
Calendar - c/o Field Notes 
Film  - c/o Lomography

Let's start this gift guide off with a giveaway just for you! The Sardinia camera and film pictured above could be yours if you live in Canada. Hop on over to this post to enter. Gifts for the host of a party  need not always be food; bring something over that they'll be able to enjoy post party.



Tarot Cards - c/o The Wild Unknown
Campfire Incense - Death Valley c/o Juniper Ridge
Notepad - Do or Die c/o Rifle Paper Co.
Spirit Board - Smokey Draws!
Semi-precious stones + Rabbit Foot - The Witchery

Get a little weird for the holidays and maybe even a bit dark with this assortment of magical items. The Spirit Board is made locally by illustrator Smokey who has other wonderful less occult-y items available. The tarot cards feature intricate illustrations by The Wild Unknown. Make a hit list on your Rifle Paper Co. "Do or Die" notepad - just a suggestion of course.



Film - Color Negative c/o Lomography
Camera - Diana F+ c/o Lomography
Wine - Pinot Noir 2012 c/o Joie
Steno Notebook - c/o Field Notes
Canada Scribbler - c/o The Regional Assembly of Text
Soap - Trail Crew Soap in Cascade Glacier c/o Juniper Ridge
Buttons - Oh Canada  c/o The Regional Assembly of Text
Pencil - c/o Field Notes

Everybody has that friend who lives and dies for the Pacific Northwest who talks endlessly about the left coast being the best coast; give them all they can handle of their beloved geographic area with this selection of goodies. They can take photos of trees, get drunk on Okanagan grapes, smell like a glacier, and then write all about it in a short story.



Lip balm - Tata Harper
Lavender Hand Lotion - L'Occitane en Provence
Tweezerman Tweezers 
Stamp Dispenser - Canada Post
Color.Bug - c/o Kevin Murphy
Cabin Spray - Big Sur c/o Juniper Ridge
3-pack Mixed Note Books - c/o Field Notes
3-pack Dot Graph Notebooks - c/o Field Notes
Hamburger Bicycle Bell
Stocking - Hand sewn by myself, material from Cath Kidston

Stocking stuffers are meant to be fun and weird. And maybe if everyone buys a mailbox stamp dispenser from Canada Post we can keep the door-to-door mail service in Canada. JUST A THOUGHT. In the meantime, they can save the planet by using their bike that will be tricked out with a hamburger bell. It's a win-win really. 

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