Let's Go to the Mall


Photographs - Michael Borchert


jacket - vintage
top - Target
shorts - vintage
belt - vintage
kangaroo clutch - vintage
necklace - chain Thomas Sabo // quartz Arizona flea market
tights - Wolford (get them HERE)
boots - Le Pepe 
lipstick - MAC in Diva (get it HERE)

I have spent a small lifetime at this mall. In my youth, my mom and I used to come here every Friday  to check out it's offerings and see a movie. The theatres we used to go to are now a skatepark and a clothing store. Though the mall has changed considerably, my memories still live on.

I get nostalgic thinking about making plans to meet by the whale or the pirate ship. I think about the hours I spent working here during the summers in my university years. The stores that were too inane to be viable (a shop devoted to all things glow in the dark) and when Planet Hollywood was a place I loved eating not because the food was good (it wasn't) I loved it for the "ambience".  I still hit the waterpark whenever I feel seasonal depression creeping in on the dark days of winter here. For a mall that was once the largest in the world, it's sure bursting with stories from my past.

Looking at these photographs I was reminded of this book Malls Across America by Michael Galinsky a photographer who drove across America in the 1980s photographing, well, malls. I want him to revisit all those spaces again and publish an updated version - it's amazing how things change in 10 years, imagine what they would look like in 30. 

Post tunes: Let's Go to the Mall - Robin Sparkles

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