The Oversized Coat


Photographs - Vickie Laliotis


jacket - The Pretty Secrets (get it HERE)
denim vest - vintage Levi's
necklace - vintage
black shirt - c/o Nicole Campre via Workhall
leggings - Target
boots - Rag & Bone (get them HERE)
lipstick - Kat Von D in Lolita (get it HERE)

In my most natural state, I am usually adorned in oversized men's clothes from the thrift store. Currently I am writing this while wearing boyfriend jeans, a XL Harley Davidson tee topped with a XXL lumberjack plaid fleece button up. It just FEELS good.

When Vickie asked me to model for her Edmonton Journal article on the oversized trend I was more than happy to oblige, mostly because it's a way of life for me. My favourite pieces in this look are the ridiculously comfortable Nicole Campre Ashland T Shirt (it doubles as a almost dress), my drumstick necklace, and the floral tapestry jacket.

If you missed the first oversized look, take a gander at it HERE.

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