2013 Bloopers

As much as it may seem that bloggers lead a perfect existence, I tend to forget that what we post is usually a glossed over version of real life. Though it may not come across in my photographs, I happen to be a unusually goofy gal. Before I begin the year with more hunky dory posts, I present to you.... the best of 2013's bloopers. Sometimes taking photographs is uncomfortable and the only way to get past the awkward standing in the middle of the street trying to look natural as cyclists whiz by and pedestrians are staring.... is to give the people what they want and look like a crazy. Going through these photographs I'm convinced my face is made of rubber and I love to stick my tongue out... a lot. ENJOY!

24 Hour Pajama People


Pajama pants and major attitude. Full post here.

Sequin Paisley Daydream


This was the first cold day of the year and my fingers were about to fall off. And it was windy hence the sweet windswept look. Full post here

Toronto Island Adventure


A wasp stung my bum and I developed some sort of weird face rash (that haunted me for months) shortly after this spectacular shot. Oh the memories. Full post here.

Velvet Goldmine


MOM, STOP THE CAR RIGHT HERE. At the edge of the freeway. Clad in full velvet in the sweltering heat. Making a Beaker face. Full post here.

River Valley Girl

blooper-9 blooper-10

Before we changed locations to the bridge in Riverdale, our first location was the living bridge where I was trying to scare pigeons by screaming. They were unfazed until I turned around. Apparently the demolition site behind them had dulled their reactions to noise. Full post here

Nowhere Fast


It started to rain and the badlands turned into a mucky mess. My face looked like this for the duration of our trek through the hills. Full post here

I Call Her Red


Making faces in back alley bushes. Full post here.

Only The Lonely


No wind this time, just wicked hair whips. Full post here

Where I Stand


An outtake from the Camper Where I Stand campaign. This definitely hit the cutting room floor. Full post here.

The Plaid Coat


Like a child, pretending to be a plane. Full post here.

Sweater Weather


A part of me still lives in England, apparently. Double bollocks. Full post here.

Leopard Fur


Psycho candy. Full post here.

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