Completely Not Me


photographs - Vickie Laliotis


jacket - vintage
sweater - The Pretty Secrets vintage (available here)
jeans - Dogpile
bag - Club Monaco
shoes - Rag & Bone 

If I wasn't already obsessed with Jenny Lewis, her song at the end of the second episode of the third season of Girls solidified it. Seriously, I would totally live with a handsome man in Laurel Canyon and make music for a living if I wasn't Canadian and semi on the shy side. In a perfect world.

Anyway, the scoop on the song is that it will be released exclusively on the Girls soundtrack but I HOPE it will be available before then. I've been obsessing over this poor quality clip for two days now. Her cadence and word choice slay me. SCRATCH THAT. Entertainment Weekly posted the song here. My prayers have been answered.

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