Searching Through The Past


photographs - Michael Borchert


hat - vintage
jacket - Mr Leonard
top - Reitman's
jeans - Club Monaco
shoes - Lothian
lipstick - Kat Von D in Stiletto (available HERE)

Ever since I moved back from England I've wanted to take photographs on the Walterdale bridge. It came as a shock when earlier last year the bridge was deemed obsolete and that it's days of serving the south side Edmonton would be numbered. This seems to be a more than regular occurrence here in the land of disregarded history. Time and time again structures that should be deemed a heritage site fall by the wayside. My childhood home, fortunately, made it's way to Fort Edmonton Park - a refuge for historical buildings. It was there that my love of vintage began, I can only assume.

Speaking of vintage... this hat is the recent crown jewel in my collection. It's the perfect amount of floppy yet structured. True bohemian sixties groupie babe vibes. I found it last week at a VV. The second I spotted it, everything else faded into the background as I was overcome with the thrifting rush. THE THRILL OF THE HUNT. I was on a thrifting roll last week but just to make sure I have balance in my life, I've been reading "Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things" just for good measure. It is fascinating to say the least.

Searching Through The Past - Bleached

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