Winter Beauty - Hair Care


Winter is an awful time for my beauty regimen, I yearn for humidity in these dry times. I have almost perfected my haircare routine for this season after much trial and error.

The Shampoo + Conditioner


Angel.Wash - Kevin Murphy c/o Langton PR
Hydrate-Me.Rinse - Kevin Murphy c/o Langton PR

The most nourishing and moisturizing shampoo + conditioner I have come across thus far. They both smell delicious which is what's almost more important. Fruity smelling shampoos are my idea of purgatory. In the winter, I try to wash my hair, at most, two times per week. For added moisture I will put cooking coconut oil in my hair for a couple hours prior to washing. 

The Tools


comb - Scunci (similar here)
classic brush - Frederic Fekkai (available here)
round brush - Frederic Fekkai (available here)
hair dryer - Stuff by Duff (no longer available)

I like to keep it basic. These are my absolute essentials. I should probably update my hair dryer at some point. When did Hilary Duff stop making Stuff by Duff? 

In the summer I let my hair dry naturally, unfortunately in -30 weather it isn't a sensible option. Despite this, I still use the blowdryer minimally on a cool setting. By angling the dryer downward while twirling the round brush around the tips helps to minimize frizz as well as create a nice large curl - Lana Del Rey vibes. The classic brush is a daily favourite, the wide toothed comb for after my hair has been washed (more on that next).

The Post Wash


detangler - MoonaLisa

This is the ultimate detangler. I find it best to use a wide tooth comb with wet hair starting with the the tips and slowly working your way up to the roots. It's less damaging to your hair. 

The Styling 


Easy.Rider - Kevin Murphy c/o Langton PR
Hair Powder - LuLu Organics (available here)

As suggested in the description, it prevents frizziness. My first day hair is always slightly frizzy and poofy. Some Easy.Rider combined with the hair powder is just enough product to make it look like second day hair, my favourite. 

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