Strange Magic


Photographs - Michael Borchert


Sweater - c/o Gap
Top - bathing suit c/o Topshop (here)
Shorts - The Pretty Secrets vintage 
Sandals - c/o Topshop (here)
Bag - c/o Old Navy (similar here)

My life is deeply underwhelming. I watched this and realized I can only dream of being half as productive as Tavi Gevinson. Sigh.

Here's me in some clothes I like or whatever. The sweater is a truly strange piece that keeps you slightly warm, but slightly cool at all times; loose knits will do that. The top is definitely a bathing suit I've decided to channel into a homage to the OG 90210's "bra top" -  I couldn't find the clip with Brandon Walsh talking about girls wearing tops that look like bras but aren't bras. It's genius, I assure you. The shorts may be my favourite part. The label is Cascade Blues and they are the perfect ratio of surf bum to high fashion - the elastic waist brings them to another level.

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