Blowin' in the Wind


Photographs - Vickie Laliotis // myself

dryer - c/o T3 Featherweight 2i Luxe - available here
diffuser - c/o T3 SoftTouch 2 Diffuser - available here

I never knew there could be such a difference in hairdryers. Since high school I've been torturing myself by using a blowdryer from Hilary Duff's Zeller's line cleverly named "Duff Stuff" and with it I have been planning my hair washing days out to allot for one day of frizz. Now, I enjoy what I used to call "second day hair" immediately after a date with this appliance.

I'm just beginning to live since switching from the junkiest dryer (no thanks Duff Stuff) to T3's Featherweight 2i Luxe blowdryer. As an added bonus, I even have the diffuser end which is perfect for when I want to give in to my wavy locks. 

There's a reason why this set has won beauty awards, the answer my friend, is truly blowin' in the wind (of this dryer).

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