The Gold Rush - Samsung Galaxy S5


Photographs: cafe shots - Vickie Laliotis // park shots - Michael Borchert


sunglasses - Komono c/o Dela Cruz PR - available here
top - thrifted
shorts - c/o Topshop 
bag - Louis Vuitton - available here
shoes - c/o Topshop - available here

Functional and fashionable accessories are a pairing I’m always on the lookout for. Those two covetable traits are synonymous when it comes to the new Samsung Galaxy S5. From its stylish copper gold perforated back casing and sleek screen, there isn’t an outfit in my closet that it wouldn’t compliment.

Aside from the GS5’s aesthetically pleasing appearance, the camera is almost like a portable digital SLR. Crisp, clean photos with Selective Focus makes for user friendly photography. I was even able to download my favourite photo apps in seconds – I can’t live without Instagram and VSCO Cam. From food to fashion accessories, my days are easily framed, captured, and shared on a multitude of social media platforms in minutes.

On top of all that, I am still marveling over its incredible screen size and resolution; Pinterest and Instagram have never looked so good. I could spend hours getting lost in a sea of gorgeous photographs at the speed of light, with the GS5’s quick download capacity I can fluidly scroll forever.

I spent the day in a power clashing outfit capturing details I deemed imperative with Vickie of Adventures in Fashion – the delicious treats from Duchess Bake Shop, the caricature of us from the street party we popped by, and of course my outfit.

Sponsored by Samsung Canada

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