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Products - Ocean Salt - Lush // African Paradise - Lush // Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm - Aesop // body brush - Merben 

Whenever I use any of these products,  Salt-N-Pepa's "Body Beautiful" is playing in my head. Major To Wong Foo moment. I digress. Now that the it's getting chillier out, I'm forced to return to my old tricks to maintain ample moisture. 

1. Body Brush by Merben - One of the greatest investments I made last year - I chose the soft dry brush which you use pre-shower, brushing in circular motions from the your feet up, always brushing in the direction of your heart (something to do with circulation, I imagine). Great for exfoliating.

2. Ocean Salt - Lush - If the brush isn't your bag, this salty dream is a great alternative, and my second wave of exfoliating. It's supposedly for the face but I find it much too harsh for that with its giant salt granules - much more suited for the body. It smells like a tropical salty cocktail thanks to be infused with lime and vodka. 

3. African Paradise - Lush - A new release this year, this is a skin conditioner that is all shea butter and oil - the perfect moisturizing shower product. It smells like musky heaven too. 

4. Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm - Aesop - There are no words for this moisturizer, I've been obsessed with it since I first discovered the brand in 2010 while living in London. A stand alone location was just up the block from me and I pop in on the daily to use all their moisturizers - it was fantastic. 

Photographs - Sandy Joe
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