Halloweenie Beauty


FIRST: lashes - Shoppers Drugmart // lip pencil in Train Bleu - NARS available here // eyeshadow - My Pretty Zombie x The Witchery available here // Candy Corn necklace c/o my sister
SECOND: nail polishes - c/o OPI x Peanuts in To Be or Not To Beagle, Good Grief!, and Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? mini bottles with bonus sticker art available here
THIRD: Haute Macabre oils in As Above, So Below (both sold out but will be available again later this year) and Haute Macabre x Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab available here

First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! As I'm sure you're already aware of, I got my costumes up at the beginning of the month if you care to revisit the Columbia and Magenta posts. And if you have a really spectacular memory you may recall this post last year mentioning my sister's occult shop, The Witchery, which had a brief cameo on Dragon's Den this past Wednesday - NO BIG DEAL. She's also offering my readers 30% off till Nov. 1st with use of coupon code THEPRETTYSECRETS. Pretty sure you can remember that.  

My favourite part of Halloween, aside from the cheesy cartoons I get nostalgic for (It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! anyone?) would definitely be the cosmetics that become available. While black lipstick isn't exactly practical, I love knowing it's an option. This year, I'm super excited about OPI's collaboration with Peanuts - if I hadn't already let it be known how much I love Charlie Brown. 

Secondly, the special edition oils from Haute Macabre are an olfactory dream. My favourite is definitely So Below which has a muskier, mysterious smell but I do enjoy layering all three in different variations just so I know that I'll leave a unique trail of scent wherever I go. Check out their shop here.

As for make up, my undying devotion to Train Bleu is still going strong. NARS nailed it with this almost black but with a wine tint velvet matte lip pencil. I've also been enjoying this eyeshadow collab from My Pretty Zombie x The Witchery. I combine it with Lise Watier's Metamorfix to create a liquid eyeliner. Around this time of year I stock up on ridiculous eyelashes as well, they always seem to come in handy when you least expect it. 

Lastly, if you're spending the night in here's my movie list  of not-so-scary Halloween specials. Hint: the 60s claymation movie I watched for the first time last year is a total winner. Check out the trailer for Mad Monster Party here.

Photographs Sandy Joe Karpetz 
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