Up on the Roof


OUTFIT  - Autumn Fleece sweater dress - available here // Answer Beanie - available here // first layer leggings - available here // all c/o Burton

My parents house is a treasure trove of cozy spots to hang out and the roof happens to be one of them. During the extended autumn, right before the snow hit, the weather was just perfect for drinking tea and watching the foot traffic across the street.

It just so happens that there's an off leash dog park across the way and there is nothing I love more than admiring other people's dogs. One canine in particular has caught my eye, a husky samoyed named Joey. He is my all time favourite. The sheer excitement I get when I see his fluffy white silhouette coming up the block is unparalleled by anything - I even slow down when I drive by his house to see if he's napping in the yard. It's almost like my fourth grade crush except that I don't ring my bicycle bell when I pass by in hopes that he'll notice me. Maturing in minuscule increments.

The perfect perch is only as good as the accompanying comfy outfit and I have yet to find another company that makes loungewear as exceptionally as Burton. This sweater dress is like wearing a fuzzy hug, the beanie is two knit layers so there's no chance of cold ears, and the leggings, well, who can resist a Magic Eye-esque patterned article clothing? Not this gal, that's for sure.

Also, this is essential listening: Up on the Roof - The Drifters 

Photographs - Michael Borchert
Sponsored by Burton
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